penandink hobbs


by James Hobbs

Hobbs has collected a range of works by other artists to demonstrate what can be done with pen and ink. The book is in color and is printed wonderfully in this small 5"x8" size. This makes a great reference book and source of inspiration.

art fear

by David Bayles & Ted Orland

I just love this book. It's about eliminating the myths about creating art and about getting down to the business of making art. It mentions a lot about the pyschological and subconscious barriers that keep artist from making art.

art before breakfast


By Danny Gregory

This book is very casual and light hearted. Full of exercises, this book inspires those people who are either too busy or too new to art to stop making excuses and make art.

BONUS: Available in the Hawaii State Library System

daily painting

by Carol Marine

Very well written and illustrated book about getting down to work and painting everyday.


by France Belleville-Van Stone

A wonderful and easy book to use. Full of sample work and different styles.


sketch your world book


By James Hobbs

Lots of inspiring exercises and examples of works of art.

BONUS: It's available in the Hawaii Library System.



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