The work seen here is part of my Personal Challenge series called Graphic Doodles. The idea is (1) to challenge myself to make something everyday, (2) to create somethiing along the "graphic" style, and (3) use only my imagination and spontaneity to create the composition. This last part, number three, is a big challenge for me since most of my past works have been in the style of Photorealism. I still love Photorealism but I do want and need to try new things.

To me Making Art is like Physical Exercise. The less you do it, the less apt you will be; and when you set the brush or pencil down for days and weeks, you can find yourself months or years later without any art to show for that passed time. SO, I've learned to trick myself into maintaining an art regimen. Here's what I do...

I've developed Personal Challenges for myself. That is to say, for example, "I will make ink drawings for 30 days". What this concept does for me is limit what I can do or in other words place "boundaries" or set " guidlines" for making art while at the same time introducing a challenging component to the exercise. So the time limit places a sense of urgency to the work while the challenge or "growth" component comes from working on something new or I haven't tried before.

What does this say about making art naturally? or about making art by inspiration only? BUMPKISS. I'm still inspired when working on my challenges but this regimen keeps the wheels of creativity moving and percolating. For those people outside the artistic drive or activity, it's a common myth to think artists create art simple out of nothing or based solely on inspiration. 

To read a great book about staying active as an artist, read "Art & Fear". It's available at our local Hilo Library

art fear


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