board 12 square

Drawing on the iPad is somewhat unnatural when it's set on a tabletop or even a stand. When you are trying to draw on the edge of the screen, the hand falls of the tiny border of the iPad.

So I invented then drawing board for the iPad. The Ipad sets flush inside the glossy white acrylic panel and the screen is flush with the top surface. Perfect for desks, worktables, or even mobile when you need a workdesk, this will provide enough space to rest your palm while drawing, painting or writing.



iPad Drawing Board

board 10

Every side is 3" for the hand to rest. There are no cutouts for the ports, headphones, or side buttons at this time, but I'm sure we can accomodate this in future orders. All orders are custom and hand-made and shipping currently is about a week. All sales are final and no returns after production specifications have been confirmed with customer. We will try to accomodate any requests or issues upon email inquiry. We will confirm all orders and finalize size and model specifications before production & shipping. 

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